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The Unwavering Leslie Jones

As Leslie Jones trudged the Tower Bar in the Sunset Tower Hotel on Wednesday, sipping a Starbucks iced green tea, she gave a listening ear to an elderly white woman that moved to talk to her. The woman said, “I’m sorry, I just had to tell you how happy I am we have a voice out there like yours. Don’t let them stop you.”

At the start, Jones appeared startled but as a matter of fact that shouldn’t be surprising to anyone considering the fact that the celebrity has over the years had to put up with so much negativity from the public. After a short while swung back to equilibrium to softly thank the elderly lady for the support she was showing her.

Thereafter, Jones revealed that this was not the first time such a thing was happening to her. She’s a 6-foot-tall dark-skinned black woman with a signature spiky hairstyle which quite a large number of people have been saying makes her seem even taller.

Jones while speaking to a number of top news reporters said that she was happy with herself since she had been able to achieve immense success in what she did best-comedy. She is definitely one of the top black female comedians in the world though she doesn’t like the idea of her immense success getting to her head.

According to Buzzfeed.com, she criticized the aspect of the industry referring to her as the top black female comedian. Jones said that it was obvious she was black and she was also female. According to her, there was no need to bring that out in giving her titles. Instead, she preferred being called a comedian.

The celebrity picked on the whites saying that there exists white female comedians and she has never heard that aspect of white being brought out. No one says white female comic! She condemned the double standards and wishes that the industry changes some things such as this.

It is not about struggle on anything and thus it is important to just treat each and every comedian or actor with uttermost dignity.