Heated Up Debates Emanate In Relation To Who Posted Video Of Cosby Courtroom

On Friday, the Pennsylvania court officials outlined that they had launched an investigation that was to look into a video that surfaced on YouTube. The video as a matter of fact looked like it had been recorded from inside a courtroom when the different court officials were winding up in making their closing arguments in regards to Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial.

The nearly two-hour film according to some top reliable sources was featuring an audio of Brian J. McMonagle, Cosby’s lawyer pitching to the jury. To this point, it has not yet been revealed who exactly produced it. However, the recording has been termed by a number of top lawyers as a major violation of Pennsylvania law prohibiting transmission, video recording in state courts and photography.

The spokesman for the state court system, Jim Koval, while addressing a press conference recently gave a confirmation in regards to the investigation though he declined to give the much anticipated elaboration.

According to, the video attained about 140 views before finally being taken off the social sharing site and that was on Thursday. The other thing was that it comprised of numerous photos that had been taken inside an annex courtroom with a screen where Cosby’s trial was broadcast live to persons that did not get seats in the courtroom. This room was filled with a lot of top journalist that had been credentialed to cover the trial.

Several times throughout the renowned actor’s two-week trial, the adminstrators of the court are said to have yanked journalists, celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who represents several Cosby accusers as well as members of the public from court for what they described as the violation of the decorum order. The administrators claimed that they had been using cellphones in the courtroom which was unacceptable as per the court’s regulations.

After five days of carrying out deliberations, the jury of seven men and five women had not reached a common ground in relation to the case. It ended in a mistrial last Saturday though some Montgomery County prosecutors have sworn to retry Bill Cosby.