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Ron Howard Excited Upon Selection To Direct “Star Wars” Han Solo Spinoff Movie

Ron Howard is seemingly excited with his new responsibility of directing the “Star Wars” Han Solo spinoff movie. In his recent statement to top news reporters, he said that he was ready to immerse himself deeply into studying “Star Wars” lore.

While speaking on Friday at the Cannes Lions advertising and media conference, Howard outlined that he was indeed a great fan and that it was a great honor that he had been asked to lend his voice to the [Star Wars] universe.

On Thursday, Disney’s Lucasfilm made the move to officially tap Howard to finish the movie. This happened after the studio president Kathleen Kennedy fired directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord. The president fired the duo in the course of this week after they were caught up overstepping their remit by going off-script with comedic touches, something considered unprofessional by the management.

According to Variety.com, Howards has described the new development as a little opportunity that just popped up. This was after he was asked by founder and CEO of WPP, Sir Martin Sorrell about his views in regards to the “Star Wars” job.

Sorrell is one of the top investors of Imagine Entertainment, a production provider that was co-founded and run by Brian Grazer and Howard. With the infusion of $100 million from Raine Group last year, Howard revealed that the company had plans underway to expand beyond TV and film to go way up to branded-content work.

While addressing a number of top journalists that had come after him in a move to strike a better understanding regarding the matter, Howard said, “That’s one of the reasons I’m here [at Cannes Lions]. The next iteration of Imagine, the one we hope goes forward and beyond us, is all about storytelling.”

Sorrell went ahead to ask Kraft to give his thoughts regarding President Trump. He declined to make any comments for reasons best known to him. Sorrel has said that as a company they have no egos in the advertising business and that they did not even know how to spell the word.