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DeMario Jackson Claims He Was Fired in the Wake of Bachelor in Paradise Scandal: Reports

Bachelor in Paradise crew member DeMario Jackson says he has been sacked from his job following the Bachelor in Paradise controversy. Jackson who joined Michael Page last September as a recruiting consultant says he has been fired from his job since news broke out about the now-halted BiP season 4.

In an interview, Jackson, 30 lamented that the whole saga has tarnished his character and affected his family relationship. He called on the whole story to be based on the truth and not empty allegations.

In a statement released on Sunday, Warner Bros said that Paradise production citing what the company termed gross misconduct. According to previous sources, the production was stopped after one of the producers raised an alarm over alleged sexual encounter between a female cast mate and Jackson. The two are reported to be drinking heavily in the resent days. The female cast mate was later identifies as Corinne Olympios.

On Wednesday, Jackson released a statement in response to the unfortunate incident. He termed the allegations false and malicious. He vowed to take legal actions to clear his name.

Sources close to Jackson and to the whole matter say that the BiP star has remained optimistic since the start of the investigations and he is very confident that the truth will come out of the investigations. The same source said Jackson has remained cooperative during the investigations and he is not the kind of man that has been portrayed to be. “It’s hard for his loved ones to sit and watch most of the slanderous accusations and comments from individuals who don’t know anything about who he is. I think the truth may tell [a] different story than what’s been reported thus far.”

Although his mate’s fate remains in the air, sources have indicated that the entire show will be off air in this summer. Apparently there are no low enforment or authorities involved in the whole saga but the unfortunate incident was internally flagged and the company has a strict code of conduct. The source also indicated that the whole investigation is being conducted internally.