Fans Come Out In Large Numbers To Pay Tribute To The Legendary Adam West Following His Demise

A large number of fans flocked in Los Angeles to give tribute to the late Batman actor Adam West. With some in costumes, they cheered as Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck switched on the iconic signal and eventually made a splash of a yellow oval with a bat silhouette high up on City Hall’s wall.

West had been playing the Caped Crusader in the campy 1960s TV series and his death which occurred early last week has sparked emotion among his fans. He was 88 at the time of his death. The top actor for many years kept his fans glued to the TV and that it was indeed sad that they had lost such an amazing actor.

During his lifetime, West kept reminding everyone that they all had a heart of gold. Garcetti affirmed that Batman was indeed one of a kind and that there would never be another like him. The attendees could see from the display the red Bat-Phone like the one Gotham City’s Commissioner James Gordon used in his chats with West in the TV series.

According to, Batman’s wife and children as well attended the event .Burt Ward is the real name of the character that played Robin on the show and he was given an opportunity to speak. He appeared quite emotional. He said that it was quite unfortunate that they had lost the star at the time they needed him the most especially on the advisory role.

He also referred to him as a man that had great respect and love for the family institution and that he would be missed a great deal. His love for his fans and humanity in general was unending and that the void left behind was huge.

Before the lighting, a lot of people lined up all making efforts to tale photos with two sharp-finned Batmobiles parked on the sidewalk. Some could be seen wearing capes and others the Batman masks. Those that decided to wear T-Shirts had the Batman TV logo printed on them. Katie Aiani revealed that she looked up to late iconic actor. She grew up watching him and drew much inspiration from him. A 30-year-old costume designer, Chad Evatt described West as a legend. He had played the role of Batman for the longest period ever and that of course commanded great respect.