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Alex Jones Shocks Many After Leaking An Audio of a conversation He had Earlier With Kelly

Infowars host Alex Jones has revealed that he struck a conversation with Megyn before she finally engaged him for her NBC Sunday newsmag. In support of his claim, he leaked an audio of the conversation they had. He has sparked speculation worldwide after he added that he had more where that came from.

According to Deadline.com, Jones was unhappy with a recent promo which he claims distorted his remarks. He has contacted NBC requesting it not to air the interview.NBC won’t be distracted by the much backlash from various quarters, including parents of children murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It has confirmed that it will move ahead with Sunday’s broadcast and it won’t allow anything else stand on its way.

Sandy Hook Promise is an anti-gun violence group that was formed by parents of those children that lost their lives in the 2012 Newtown, CT School shooting. Jones has dismissed it calling it a hoax. This particular week saw Kelly dismissed as the host of its fundraiser gala and this of course took place in Washington, DC.

The other person that clearly seemed to be taking issue with Sunday’s broadcast was poobah Tom Brokaw of NBC News. In a recent interview with a top news reporter, he seemed to air out his stand in relation to the matter.

In making his statement, Brokaw said, “There’s a lot of controversy around this network about Alex Jones. The fact is that he is an unalloyed racist, a man who is out there pulling the pin on the grenade every day and he has 6 million viewers who are paying attention to him.”

Jones has dismissed the video that has been circulating this evening citing that that he knows what conversation he had with Kelly and he had even gone ahead to record it. He added that he had never in 22-years time ever recorded another journalist. He dismisses the matter as a fraud that no one should even pay attention to.

The great shocker has been the utterances by Jones who described Kelly as a sex-thirsty lady who was willing to do anything to get intimate with him. The controversy continues to heat up, but how it ends is something we just have to wait and see.