Two Holdouts Declines Cosby’s Verdict

It took 52 hours of intense deliberations before two holdouts in the case trial halted the judgment of Bill Cosby who is accused of sexual assault. The anonymous juror told the ABC News that, 10 out of 12 jurors consented that Cosby is guilty of the offense on the first and third counts but two jurors completely refused to agree with the rest. The jurors voted tremendously to acquit Cosby on the three counts.

Cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in Philadelphia in 2004. Cosby has since denied the charges claiming their encounter was consensual. Constand case is the only one among other allegations against the comedian that has sailed through criminal prosecution.

The details on the holdouts and how the members voted were not disclosed. The recent deliberations were so tense and one point there no movement in the jury room. The emotions were too high that some jurors started crying and wailing making things difficult for the jury that was cramped in a small back room.

Judge Stephen O’Neill of Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas on Wednesday announced the names of jurors and restricted them on what they can share to the public.  O’Neill warned the jury team not to share the details of what fellow jurors discussed during or after deliberations. People from the news media contacted the jurors for comment but none was able to respond.

According to the source, the majority of jurors wanted to convict Cosby for allegedly lacking consent when he touched the private parts of Constand with his fingers and drugging her with substance. The intoxication impaired the complainant and stopped her from resisting.

One juror wished to acquit Cosby on one count and alleged that Constand could not have been unconscious or unconscious at the time of giving consent. The jury had reported a deadlock after 30 hours of deliberations that took four days. According to the jury who gave the hint of the deliberations, the extra time awarded to the jury did not help the two holdouts to change their stand.