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Tupac Broke Up With Madonna Over Race, Newly Surfaced Letter Claims

A letter recently released by TMZ and confirmed by Rolling Stone gives the account of rap legend Tupac Shakur break up with pop star Madonna back in 1995. The letter was said to be written to Madonna by Tupac while he was an inmate at the New York’s Clinton Correctional Facility for charges of sexual assault. The letter would be auctioned later for a minimum price of $100,000.

In the letter, Tupac referring to Madonna as “M” stated “For you to be seen with a black man wouldn’t in any way jeopardize your career”. He further explained that it would actually help Madonna’s image for her to be associated with such publicity.

Pac went on to state that the reverse is the case when a black man whose majority fan base is majorly black people dating a white woman. He explained that this would be letting down the people who have supported his career since it started. He also expressed that his ego was bruised when Madonna made references about dating other rappers and how it affected him mentally.

Though news of Madonna’s relationship with Pac came out in the last two years it seems from the letter that the relationship was more serious than what was previously assumed. Material girl Madonna did confirm in 2015 that there was a relationship between her and the rap legend. She didn’t allude to the seriousness of the relationship though and she gave scanty details about it.

Tupac also explained in the letter that he would like to see Madonna in person if the start would visit him in person. He also warns Madonna to be careful of people around her as people are not always what they seem. Finally, he asks her to provide information about Jack and crew if she has any as it is a matter of life and death. The picture is available for public view on TMZ and Rolling Stone.

Fans of the rap legend, which are always looking for bits and pieces of the rappers life to get a better understanding of the kind of man he was, would be happy about the release of the letter.