Secret Service Question Kathy Griffin for Over an Hour

Comedian and former CNN presenter Kathy Griffin seems not out of the woods yet as report have it that she was interrogated by the secret service over her joke went wrong. The comedian in May released a picture in a tweet that shows the decapitated head of President Donald Trump.

The picture which was meant as a joke by the comedian did not go down well with the general public meaning as she was condemned from both sides of the political spectrum for posting such. She was fired by CNN in the process and later apologised for posting the picture. But it seems are troubles are not over as journalist Yashar Ali who is close to the comedian reported that Griffin was questioned by the secret service for over an hour on the Trump photo issue.

Last month, Griffin alongside her lawyer gave a public apology for the release of the picture and she stated that she couldn’t possibly have meant the president any harm. She also described Trump as a bully and stated that she wasn’t afraid of the controversial president. She however pleaded with the white house to recognise that she is an “obnoxious comedian” who doesn’t deserve the backlash she has gotten from the news.

Griffin’s attorney Lisa Bloom also said the issue was a first amendment issue and that citizens should be allowed to tell jokes. But it is clear this joke was taken too far and the comedian would bear the blunt. Bloom also promised that her client would corporate fully with the authorities regarding the issue though criminal charges have not been filed yet.

Griffin is not the first person to be investigated by the secret service regarding comments made in respect of a sitting president. In 2012, Ted Nugent was investigated by the same body when he said Barack Obama, the president at the time should “suck on my machine gun”. He was questioned but no charges were brought against him at the time.

Kathy Griffin would hope that this incident would be the last of her troubles regarding the matter as an indictment might damage her already questionable public image.