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Taylor Swift’s Music Return to Streaming Platforms As Katy Perry Launches New Album

Taylor Swift has returned her music to all the streaming services including her ex-companies the Spotify, and Pandora. Her representative confirmed yesterday on their official Instagram that all the pop star music will make a comeback to all the streaming podiums in a few hours on Friday. The news comes at that time when her former friend Katy Perry is releasing her new album, Witness.


Swift is grateful for the support her fans has shown her by making the music catalog to be easily available on all the streaming services. Since 2014, the musician’s five albums have not been accessible on the streaming platforms including the Amazon, Pandora, Tidal, and Spotify. The return to the streaming podiums is a great career milestone for Taylor Swift.

Swift’s hottest news unexpectedly comes the right time when Katy Perry is launching her new album Witness. The two fellow musicians have had conflicts in the past but they reignited their relationship last month. The former colleagues had parted ways when Perry secretly tried to poach Swift’s stage dancers back in 2012.

At the moment, all the focus is on the duo as their fans play their music of their choice on the streaming podiums. Some fans feel that Swift’s current move to reconcile with Perry and returning to the streaming services is more calculated and intentional. The fans are crossing their fingers to see how the two fellows will work together.

Swift took away her music albums from Spotify in 2014 after releasing her Grammy-winning pop album of 1989. Since then, no streaming service apart from Apple Music was allowed to stream it. She only permitted her music on Apple Music when they agreed to pay their artists some royalties for free during the three-month test.

Swift decision to return her music to the streaming platforms could have been influenced by the fact that Spotify has decided to window some releases from its free rank, a major reason why Swift removed her music from its services. Also, Swift has been working on her album for several months now and it was good to keep things moving for her music.