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Jerry Seinfeld Clarifies Why He Could Not Hug Kesha

Jerry Seinfeld refused to hug Kesha recently on May 5 when they had a red carpet interview at David Lynch Foundation National Night of Laughter and Song claiming he doesn’t hug strangers. Some people felt the move was mean and unexpected. The veteran comedian told the Extra’s AJ Calloway that at 63, he doesn’t know all the famous pop stars and hence he could not hug Kesha who looked a total stranger to him.

Seinfeld admitted that it’s his nature not to hug strangers he meets until he gets familiar with them. The incident made headlines last week making the comedian the subject of a viral clip that was circulated on the social media platforms. According to the video clip, Steinfeld denied Kesha a hug three times while they were on the red carpet interview.

During the awkward moment, Kesha energetically outstretched her arms to hug the former Seinfeld comedian in the middle of the red carpet interview only to get the cold shoulder for three times. At some point, Kesha approached Jerry by asking him if she can hug him, but he replied with a “No thanks”, with his one hand up as if to shield himself from the pop star.

Jerry Steinfeld has so far explained about the embarrassing moment stating that he doesn’t have anything against Kesha. He would definitely have liked her but needed to know her first before he could stretch his hands in return for a friendly hug. However, He didn’t know that he would have a ‘borderline harassment’ case to answer afterward.

Steinfeld also explained to the public that he talked to Kesha off camera about the incidence and they laughed it off though he did not hug her even after that. From the subsequent event, it’s easier for someone to conclude that Jerry Steinfeld has a bizarre personality and that he just does not like hugging strangers. The comedian who has been in the limelight for so many years could also be aging faster and he may not like hugging people.