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Jessica Simpson Looking Hotter At Her 37th Birthday As Revealed By Sexy Pool Picture

It has never eluded Jessica Simpson’s attention that she is indeed one of the sexiest women in the industry. By simply looking at the way she carries out herself, one can realize that she knows she is one of a kind.

She won’t let anything stand between her and the great self-love. From a new picture she took during the celebration of a birthday that had her turn 37, it was clear for anyone to notice the lady’s remarkable confidence.

It goes without saying that indeed the hottie is looking much better than ever and age doesn’t seem to be standing on her way. In the recent picture, she showed off her bare sexy booty and she was topless.

It is something that is getting a lot of the hot girls go green with envy witnessing the celebrity get even hotter with age. In fact, at 37, she looks much hotter than she did many years back, when she performed as one of the actors in the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

The fashion mogul, according to sources, was wearing a super skimpy bikini bottom and that her body was a sight to behold. The gold hoop earrings and the pair of aviator shades gave her a stunning look. According to HollywoodLife, a lot of gentlemen could have expressed much willingness to take the place of that age to do “the honors.”

Looking at sexy Jess at the moment would make anyone that didn’t know her before, dismiss the fact that she sometimes back struggled with weight issues. This took place between the shooting of her first film and her first pregnancy that had her sire her daughter Maxwell.

In 2009, she wore high-waisted “mom jeans” that brought her out as way far heavier than she actually was. Critics had risen to the occasion and it affected her immensely. From the look of things, it seems she had been doing some hard work to cut off the pounds.