Fans Wait In Anticipation For Kurt Angle’s Crucial Raw Announcement

Winning seemed like a sweet experience from the look of both Anderson’s and Gallow’s faces, after their victory. Just as it always is the case after a win at the championships, the two were uncontrollable. They were shouting as they bragged about having never ever lost their momentum since they joined the widely renowned championships.

What drove most of the die-hard fans wild was one thing. It was that moment Stevie spoke telling Gallows and Anderson not to be worried by anything else apart from cashing checks and breaking necks. One thing that is coming out clearly is that the name Squad on the Indies tends to excite the former Spirit Squad.

Kenny and Mikey hope to work a regular indie schedule. From now since August, they will be fully booked. However, they have expressed it openly that from September onwards they will be looking for new dates.

Kurt Angle, RAW’s General Manager, will be expected to appear in Nashville where next week’s RAW will be held. Fans of the celebrity may have heard about a storyline he’s been doing with Corey Graves and the occasion will serve as a great reveal.

According to WrestlingInc, Angle took advantage of this week’s RAW to announce his intention of going public next week. There has been much speculation that he might be saying goodbye. We will just have to wait and see what he reveals during the event.

Furthermore, based on anonymous sources, Angle hoped that his family was going to show a high level of understanding. He also expected them to support his big decision.

As RAW was going off the air, Angle received a phone call that spoke volumes. He had called the person on the other end to join him during the next session where he was to make the announcement. He ended the call by saying that he loved them.

It sent out a lot of speculation with many thinking that he had been speaking to some close family members.