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JAY-Z Has Better Things To Pay Attention To Than ‘Pesky Fly’ Kanye West

JAY-Z seem to have found better and important things to do than Kanye West’s ‘pesky fly’ behavior. With a growing family, JAY-Z is concentrating more on parenting his twins.

Apparently when JAY-Z looks at his list of priorities every morning, Kanye West seem to be nowhere on it. The rapper, popular for the “Smile” hit song says he would rather concentrate on writing music and raising a family. According to a source, JAY-Z has put his attention on being a husband, being a father plus working on the success of his new album. The source further adds that directing your attention towards Kanye is like dealing with a pesky fly in your food. You can avoid your meal because of a fly that keeps going around on its business.

The two rappers seem having been going through turbulent moments of tension since Kim Kardashian came back from Paris. At one moment they are good, at another moment they are not so much. Hell broke loose when JAY dropped the 4:44 on June 30, a song that seen to tear into Kanye. To make matters worse, the “Famous” rapper walked away from Tidal a few days later. But how does JayZ feel about it? A source was quoted saying that whole matter surrounding Kanye’s rumored move to quit Tidal will be handled by lawyers. The source further says JAY is keeping off any of the dramas that Kanye always brings up. He is concentrating on more important things to do, according to the source.

JAY-Z recently welcomed twins with his wife Beyonce and the twins seem to have become JAY-Z’s new agenda. He is responsible for changing the diapers of the two babies. The twins named Rumi and Sir were born prematurely and experienced some minor health problems at the hospital.

Other reports have indicated that Kanye West is quitting live streaming on Spotify, Apple or any other streaming platforms. According to sources, Kanye doesn’t want to enter into any exclusive album releases or album release contracts any more. The source says he is doing so to avoid a repeat of what happened on Tidal.