Fox Fires Its Head Of Sports Programming After Involvement In Sexual Harassment Allegations

Sexual harassment Controversies at Rupert Murdoch’s media company are not about to stop. Just a year ago, its Fox News unit in New York was entangled in a sexual harassment scandal. This put the top provider through a tough time for about a year trying to deal with the matter. It hasn’t even taken take a little rest from that, it is again going through another case involving sexual harassment in a different unit.

Fox Sports believes it made the right move firing one of its controversial officials heading the sports programming segment. Jamie Horowitz’s services will no longer be needed by the company since his act went against the set up regulations.

The company’s management team according to Latimes has been doing its level best to counter such unprofessional acts. According to people familiar with the matter, Fox saw the great need to carry out investigations of the allegations involving sexual harassment at the work station.

A number of women at the L.A.-based Fox Sports were interviewed in a bid to investigate Horowitz’s behavior at the workplace. Among those investigated were major personalities working with the media services provider as well as show producers. Those that provided information asked for their identities to be kept anonymous. That was understandable considering the sensitive nature of the controversy.

Eric Shanks, who is the Fox Sports President, recently wrote an email to the various staff members informing them about the departure of Horowitz. The matter attracted the attention of some top media personalities who reached out to the president requesting him to comment further in relation to the matter.

In giving his statement he said, “Everyone at Fox Sports, no matter what role we play, or what business, function or show we contribute to — should act with respect and adhere to professional conduct at all times. These values are non-negotiable.”

The human resources executives at Fox Sports carried out an interview with a one of the production assistants. She told them that Horowitz had at one time indicated much boldness trying to plan a kiss on her lips. It might seem a drastic decision by the company, but it is crucial that we look at the bigger picture.