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Danny Trejo Deeply Touched By The Missing Of Donald Logue’s Daughter

Danny Trejo seems more inclined to help his longtime friend Donald Logue. This is clear from an emotional video he released recently. He is pleading with the kidnappers to release Jade Logue, the top actor’s daughter.

Trejo has been acting for many years playing numerous roles in a number of movie productions. However, he is widely renowned for Machete where he plays the bad ass role. Through the video, he requests the kidnappers to simply drop the daughter anywhere and she would find her way home. He promises that they will drop the matter with immediate effect and that there will be no questions asked.

Donald Logue played in Gotham, a top end production. He has made contact with the authorities but nothing good has come out of that. At the moment, he has set to the various social media platforms requesting the kidnappers to let go of the teen.

According to Eonline, the matter seems to have hit the top actor off balance and is willing to do all within his means to get back the daughter. The emotional actor through a tweet asked those holding the daughter to do him a favor by letting her go.

He outlined that he understood they might have taken the daughter in a bid to help her. Time had fast passed by striking the matter out of proportion. It was so big that they held fears of the worst happening to them. He assured them that he would see to it that nothing happened to them provided they let go of his beloved daughter.

It is a matter that has touched other actors and friends in the industry. A large number of them have resorted to social media requesting that the kidnappers release the teen. The top actor’s ex-wife has also released videos making a similar plea with the kidnappers. The family is going through a pretty difficult time and the whole world is watching to see what unfolds.

Trejo has been assuring his friend that there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. It might seem like being there for a friend, but it goes without saying that you wouldn’t wish what is happening to Logue even to an enemy.