Expected Outcome From Bill Cosby’s Day 5 Trial

The sexual assault trial for Bill Cosby is coming to an end as the prosecution calms down. It would take about a day for the defense team to present its views on the trial. The attorney’s office from the Montgomery County district has already presented the case and this is expected to draw attention to Cosby’s acceptance of the testimony that he gave Quaaludes pills to women in exchange for sex.

The accuser, in this case, Andrea Constand, testifies that Mr. Cosby drugged and assaulted her sexually at his house in the outskirts of Philadelphia in the year 2004. During the fifth trial, one of the expert witnesses is likely to testify that the complainant description looks like she felt as someone who had taken a strong substance the like of Quaalude pill.

The Cosby’s defense team is likely to reveal that he only gave Constand Benadryl and the decision was to augment the sexual encounter and improve their romantic relationship. Cosby would likely not give his testimony on the same and it’s not clear what else the defense team is preparing to testify.

Cosby has at one time admitted having enjoyed a sexual encounter with Constand when she was working at the Temple University for quite some time before she came out with the assault accusations. Cosby testified that Constand at some point wanted to tighten up her butt and acquire a better one and Cosby was more willing to help her.

Cosby also gave evidence that Constand never at any point stopped him from touching her sexy boy and hence he continued to advance his moves on her. Constand only ordered him to stop which he complied fully. The relationship went on uninterrupted afterwards.

On the fourth trial day, Cosby came with another comedian Joe Torry. The actor gave the lengthy explanation about the romance in his own understanding and at some point revealed that sometimes there is no formula on how to approach a woman for sex. It comes automatically and this could be the likely case for Cosby and Constand