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Diplo Denies Katy Perry’s Sex Claims

Diplo is hitting back against the negative sex claims that Katy Perry unleashed about him recently stating that he can’t remember sleeping with the singer. Perry, 32 in the recent interview with James Corden, called him the worst sexual partner she has ever had out of her three exes. Thump, the Vice’s music channel, shared the remark on Twitter, which Diplo responded immediately.

Diplo denied ever sleeping with Perry on Twitter and he also posted his amusing photo claiming that he has a bronze medal he won in sex Olympics. Katy’s interview was shown on her YouTube live stream. Cordeen inquired her to rank her ex-boyfriends in terms of bed performance. Diplo came third in the row.

Katy kept her relationship with Diplo very private since she feared the media interventions that she had experienced previously during her affair with her ex-husband Russell Brand and John Mayer. Katy believes that the media interfered with her previous relationships that didn’t work well. She, therefore, kept the relationship with Diplo off the media anticipating that things would work but they parted ways.

Despite the latest criticized in the bedroom department, Diplo believes he is lucky in dating. Apart from Katy, Diplo has been sexually connected to numerous attractive Hollywood actresses including M.I.A., a British rapper, and actress Kate Hudson and much more. Diplo also has two sons with his ex-partner Kathryn Lockhart.

Diplo was not amused by Perry’s sexual performance rankings and his response on Twitter was to set his record straight and dismiss Perry and her sexual claims. Generally, any man would feel bad when considered not good enough especially when the subject touches on the strength of the manhood. It would be good if Perry withdraws her statement to save Diplo’s ego and self-worth.

What prompted Perry to rank her former partners based on their bedroom skills rather than hers was a move that stunned many people in the social media platforms. Some critics felt that there are things to be kept private and no one is interested to know how people perform in their bedrooms. Despite Katy’s sexual admission and Diplo’s unkind response, the two are not enemies.