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Ben Higgins Reactions On Bachelor In Paradise Reveals His Bond With Producers

As the Bachelor Nation associates continue to share their views in the latest outrage of the Bachelor in Paradise, more rumors on how the show producers control the contestants is revealed. However, Ben Higgins shares his great relationship he had with the show producers. He says that he was treated as a friend at all times and that there is no time he was forced to do anything contrary to his beliefs.

According to Higgins, the Bachelor and Bachelorette have been on for more than 15 years and there is nothing that has changed. The Bachelor in Paradise suspended its filming production of the fourth season held in Mexico last week following the alleged sexual misconduct of some contestants.

The move to close down the production indefinitely brought the Bachelor Nation into a crisis mode as the contestants had to be flown back to their home countries immediately. Ashley Iaconetti also reacted to the scandal by sharing her previous experience. According to her, there was nothing so immoral that happened during her time that could lead to the show being suspended.

According to the Chris Harrison, the host, the Warner Bros. is carrying out the investigation and things will come back to normal as soon as possible. He urged the fans to be patient even as a lot of competing reports from different sources on the matter, continues to stir more reactions from people across the globe. There are too many rumors and misinformation going on about the outrage.

The filming officially commenced on June 4, but things changed when DeMario Jackson and Corrine Olympios were allegedly accused of having an affair. Close sources said that the two had connected prior to the filming. The production was shut down the same day following a tip of the information on the alleged misconduct.

Sources reveal that producers are planning to film former Bachelor in Paradise contestants Evan Bass and Carly Waddell’s wedding back in Mexico this week. The pair got hooked up during the third season of Bachelor in Paradise as Evan proposed to Carly in the finale. More information on the matter would be revealed as the day of the wedding comes closer.