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Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna In A Controversy Over Custody Of Beloved Daughter, Dream

Rob Kardashian has recently dominated social media and seems the celebrity has a point to put across if it is not just venting. According to some trusted sources, Blac Chyna has been co-parenting Dream with Rob.

Lately, Kardashian has resorted to social media a number of times clearly criticizing Chyna. This has gotten a lot of people guessing about the two and possibly what might happen in the nearby future. One person familiar with the matter but who insisted about his identity being kept anonymous has disclosed that the two had some time back gotten into some an unwritten agreement. It provided that they split their time with their 34-week-old daughter each week, but seems like there is trouble in paradise!

This particular deal outlined that Kardashian maintains custody of Dream Sunday through Thursday. From there, Chyna was to take over from Thursday through the following Sunday. What seems to have stirred much trouble was the fact that Rob did not keep the promise and he remains adamant.

Another person also who also wanted her identity kept anonymous during a recent interview with some top news reporters said, “They have have two nannies, one works five days a week and one works two days a week. The five-day-a-week nanny does the pick up and drop offs,” explains the source. “The baby is supposed to be with Chyna per their agreement — which isn’t written, just what they’ve been doing for the last six or seven months — and she is not. Chyna is doing everything in her power to get her back.”

Some time back, Kardashian had resorted to social media to make the vow that Rob would never set his eyes on Dream again. She also attached a condition citing that they only way she was going to allow the celebrity see dream was only if he showcased commitment to stop his engagement in drugs and alcohol.

One of the top lawyers representing Blac Chyna has given his word in relation to the matter according to the People. He promised to do all humanly possible to see to it that restraining orders are put against Rob.