Henry ‘Hank’ Deutschendorf Of The Ghostbusters II Fame Commits Suicide After A Long Struggle With Mental Illness

The death of Henry ‘Hank’ Deutschendorf has shocked a lot of fans around the globe. The captor played baby Oscar in Ghostbusters II and the filming industry seems to be in turmoil recently. A short while back it lost the actor who starred in the James bond films.

William, who happens to be the late actors brother played Sigourney Weaver’s character’s baby Oscar in the 1989 film. He gave his confirmation to a number of top journalists saying, “It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my twin brother, Hank. On Wednesday, June 14th, 2017, Henry John Deutschendorf II lost his battle with schizoaffective disorder.”

Deutschendorf was the nephew of the top country music singer John Denver. According to, he died by suicide at his home in Escondido, California the previous week shocking Denver a huge deal. Some top news reporters went after his brother seeking to obtain more information in regards to his death. Their efforts were in vain since the brother declined to make any further elaboration in regards to the passing away of Deutschendorf.

William has been actively involved in running his martial arts school in San Diego which they opened up with his late twin brother. He seemed to be in great pain as he revealed to a number of journalists his brother’s battle with schizoaffective disorder. This is a chronic mental health condition which as A matter of fact is a combination of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. He added to say that the late actor experienced hallucinations, delusions, mania and depression before finally succumbing to his early grave.

Some top medical practitioners have moved forward terming the complication as a severe mental condition that usually requires a lifetime of treatment. All of them agreed on the fact that the condition is not yet well studied and thus handling it was not easy. The actor will be remembered for his hard work and dedication to matters.