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Chrissy Teigen Speaks About Her Battle With Postnatal Depression

Chrissy Teigen is known by many as ‘an open book’. She has answers to almost every question for her audience. She rocks in many dimensions; as the best author of cookbooks, a host of TV series, a fashion designer, political analyst and much more.

Teigen’s husband John Legend calls her a ‘smart mouth’, she comments on almost everything under the sun. Her answers are always raw and real, making many people especially women to love her style and approache to life.


When Teigen gave birth to her daughter, Luna in April last year, she developed a postpartum depression, a medical condition that affects one in every nine women in the whole world, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Recently, she shared for the first time about her experience with the condition in an exclusive essay, which was published for Glamour.

In the essay, Teigen revealed her passionate love she has with her adoring husband whom they have been together for over 10 years and yet their love is as strong as the first day they met. She openly talked about how incredible and supportive her husband is and the successes and failures they have shared together for that period.

She disclosed all the details of the horrible experience she had when she gave birth admitting that her pregnancy was smooth and healthy. Her troubles started after she had been discharged from the hospital. She developed some excruciating pain that performing simple tasks like getting out of bed on her own was hurting.

She got so irritated at any small trigger and she developed a ‘don’t care attitude’ towards almost anything. Legend, her husband stood by her in all aspects and showed her the unconditional love and support that she need during her dark moments.

It was challenging to see his wife going through postpartum depression making him learn and understand more about the condition. Legend now advises people to research more on the PPD condition so that they can offer support and help to those in dire need.