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Bat-Signal Illuminates Los Angeles To Remember Adam West

The late Adam West will be honored on June 15, by lighting an iconic bat-signal in Los Angeles. Mayor Eric Garcelli together with Chief Charlie Beck of the Police Department in L.A. will carry out the colorful event in tribute to the late Dark Knight star. The public is encouraged to attend the event, which will commence from 9 p.m. tonight at the City Hall grounds.

West was pronounced dead on June 10 at the age of 88 years. The bat-signal that will be lit is a spotlight with a symbol of Batman’s emblem that has wings and is revealing on the night sky to signal for Batman’s help. The event is likely to attract many people from all walks of life.

Batman was mostly referred as the ‘Dark Knight’ but his children have stated that he has always wished to be called ‘The Bright Knight’. For the superhero’s fans that will not make it to the occasion, the family of the late West is inviting them to give their donations through the Adam West Memorial Fund which was established by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The contributions can also be taken to the Camp-Rainbow Gold, a charity organization based in for children living with cancer condition.

West was loved by many people across the globe. The iconic TV actor who featured the Batman from early 1960s didn’t take himself seriously but his fans made him become too serious with the act. Since then, the star has become the most favorite on TV programs.

The moment the news of his death broke out on Saturday morning the social media platforms were flooded with fans sending their condolence to his family. The actor is mourned by many people all over the world. Along with other heartfelt condolence messages from both his fans and colleagues there are tributes going viral in the media which are Batman related.

From the event of lighting bat-signal to West greeting Christopher Reeves in Heaven, there has been pretty much attention to the superhero’s achievements ever since he died.