Bachelor In Paradise Gets Into Controversy

Members of the Bachelor nation including both former and current contestants are weighing in on the recent alleged controversy that has affected Paradise. The film production was suspended on Monday when one of the producers alleged that there is a sexual misconduct between a female cast mate and contestant DeMario Jackson during the show in Mexico. The affected parties are yet to comment on the case.

The duo was apparently been drinking heavily for almost the whole day. The announcement brought a mixture of reaction when the news went viral on the social media platforms. Most contestants took to Twitter to express their disappointment over the suspended filming.

Leah Block, one of the former contestants on Bachelor in Paradise shared her standpoint on the ongoing controversy. She posted several messages on Twitter stating that the producers responsible might not be having any interest in the contestants. Block expressed her disappointment for producers to film a sexual activity on the ABC, a public show.

The current contestants were all upset after the production was suspended. According to some sources, the show is a continuous investigation being conducted internally. The event was halted abruptly and there are no the authorities involved, nor the law enforcement. The whole event was flagged down internally and they are resolving the matter. Though, the show might not be resuming soon, at least not this summer.

In the show, the network transported the Bachelor and Bachelorette alums to the Mexico Beach home. The event commences with an irregular number of men and women but towards the end, the parties are paired up in a rosy occasion that decides which pair will be leaving the event. The show adds more contestants every week.

On Sunday, one of Warner Bros rep confirmed that the production for the awaited season had been postponed indefinitely following a claim on the misconduct of the Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico.

The news confirms that things became pretty rough between DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios during the early hours of the filming process. Leah Block encouraged the stars who have lost out on the TV reality show that they can still make things out even if they are out. Opportunities are all over.