Swedish Music Festival Cancelled Amid Reports of Sexual Assault

Swedish music festival might have held its last edition as producers the show cancelled the upcoming edition in 2018 over sexual assault cases reported at this year...

Green Day Rises In Defense Of Band After Immense Criticism Following The Death Of...

After much criticism following the groundbreaking performance at Madrid's Mad Cool Festival which left one acrobat dead, Green Day has spoken in relation to the matter. According...

Fans Wait In Anticipation For Kurt Angle’s Crucial Raw Announcement

Winning seemed like a sweet experience from the look of both Anderson's and Gallow's faces, after their victory. Just as it always is the case after a...

Secret Service Question Kathy Griffin for Over an Hour

Comedian and former CNN presenter Kathy Griffin seems not out of the woods yet as report have it that she was interrogated by the secret service over...

WWE Money In The Bank: Naomi’s Views On Carmella winning The Title

WWE’s women champion Naomi expressed her views on fellow female wrestler, Carmella taking the crown from her. Naomi currently holds the Smackdown’s women championship title which she defended...

The Unearthed ‘Amelia Earhart’ Photo Sparks More Controversy

One of the 20th century’s greatest mysteries is without a doubt the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Recently, the History channel showcased a photograph that stirred emotion among...

French Fitness Blogger Killed by Exploding Can of Whipped Cream

A French lifestyle and fitness blogger passed away after being hit by an exploding can of cream on her chest. Rebecca Burger’s family took to her social...

Kenny Omega Rules in New Japan Pro Wrestling

Canadian wrestler Kenny Omega reigned supreme against Tomohiro Ishii in the main event of the New Japan Pro Wrestling’s two day tour in Long Beach. The wrestler,...

Carrie Fisher’s Death Closely Linked To Drug Use And Sleep Apnea

Carrie Fisher’s death has been linked to sleep apnea and other causes including drug use. This is according to the listing released on Friday by the Los...

Chaos in the American Senate As Senate Majority Leader Tries To Rewrite Health Bill

After the visible discontent showed by the members of the senate to the proposed health care bill earlier in the week Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is...
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